The Hunting Ground

By Nick Doty


The Director of Hunting Ground wanted students to make a stand about the lack of consequences on sexual assault. The documentary achieves its purpose by using personal interviews, pathos, and statistics.


The purpose of this documentary is to help put a stop to the rape epidemic that has been occurring throughout different colleges.

Achieving the Purpose

The use of statistics, pathos, and personal interviews helped the documentary achieve its main purpose.

One statistic states, "more than 16% of college women are sexually assaulted while in college". This helps viewers visualize how serious the rape epidemic is getting throughout different colleges.

Also a former victim in the Winston case, dropped out of college after being bullied and threatened for filing a report to the college against FSU quarterback Jameis Winston. This help show how little colleges are helping to put a stop to this problem.

Lastly what helps the documentary achieve its purpose is how colleges are more worried about their reputation and athletics than about student problems going on throughout the college. For instance, "Out of 155 reports of sexual assault only 3 people got expelled." Colleges are taking little action against this ongoing problem, so in order to help stop these crimes more people need to help make a stand.


In conclusion this documentary has helped give me further insight on a problem that is going on throughout colleges in 2016. I agree that we should help stop this epidemic for our own futures and our kids futures.