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Different types of computers💻

Desktop PC's

What is a Desktop PC ?

A Desktop PC is a large computer (larger than most others computers). Which consists of: a monitor, a key board, a mouse and a tower (The tower is the thing that is able to run the monitor, and it stores all the data).A Desktop PC is not very portable due to its large size, whereas say a 'laptop' is a lot more portable. A laptop also have a rechargeable battery.However a Desktop runs off the tower,and when it dies it is dead...unless you get a new hard drive! To buy a Desktop PC it would cost roughly around £229.99, but if you want a Desktop that has more storage or better graphics ect. it could then cost up to £1,499,00

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What is a Laptop?

A laptop is a more poratbale version of a Desktop PC.It has less storage than a desktop and as it has been stated above a laptop has a rechargeble so you can charge it and it will still work.Laptops are usually used by, Buissness Men/Women, also Teachhers and Students ect. Laaptop's consist of a compuerscreen attached to a keyboard it also has mouse underneath the keyboard.A laptop would roughlt cost about £299.00 depending on the brand or make of the laptop.

iPads and Tablets

A tablet is a portable device that consists of only a screen (although you can attach a keyboard onto it).People don't usually use them for work they are mailly used for games and other things.Tablets and iPad's have a charge cable and coust around: £80 (tablets) to £216.99 (iPad)