Columbus day should be celebrated

Reason One

Columbus day has been celebrated since 1934 when President Roosevelt recognized Christopher's achievements and rightly chose him to honor him. Columbus is seen as a skilled sea captain. Since a lot of people thought the world was flat he decided to take the challenge and he discovered it wasn't true. Also as everyone knows he discovered the American continental and he recorded the voyages so next time he knew where to go.

Why Columbus Day should be celebrated

Reason 2

Columbus day should be celebrated because it celebrates the beginning of cultural exchange of America and Europe. After Columbus came to America, more Europeans came to America too and brought their culture, like art and music. They also brought their medicine, philosophy and science. Also it is one of America's oldest holidays, and it is the ONLY day on which the nation recognizes the heritage of an estimate of 26 million Italian Americans. Since Columbus Day has been celebrated since many many years ago, mostly everyone is used to it, and getting a day off from school isn't that bad. (: