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John F. Kennedy Learning Center

Week of March 21, 2016

Shout Outs!

  • Huge gigantic shout out to Ms. Blatnik, who organized our Junior Achievement Day! It was a huge success.
  • Thank you TEACHERS for your hard work and dedication! It made no difference that it was the week before Spring Break, you and your students carried on as usual! Thank you! I must say that I was utterly impressed and so proud of you all! Please look below at a few examples.

Junior Achievement Day

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Ms. Herrera

I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to Ms. Herrera's classroom. It was clear that there was teaching and LEARNING going on! The students did a marvelous job at identifying the 3D figures they worked with, as well as describing the attributes. In addition, they were having a great time while learning! Kudos, this is what it's all about!
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Ms. Herrera and her students played a game with 3D figures. The students were to match the name of the shape to the actual shape.
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Ms. Herrera and her students continued their learning on the rug, only this time they changed it up a bit!
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So this is how it worked.... One student stated the name of a shape. The student with the "Feeling box", reached in and felt the different shapes inside. Based on the attributes that he/she felt, he then selected the correct shape. Let me say, that is no easy task for first graders (especially with the many figures they worked with); nonetheless, they did an awesome job! Super impressed!

Mr. Quijano

I absolutely enjoyed my time in Mr. Quijano's classroom. He took student engagement to another level! Not only were the students engaged but there was differentiated instruction, students utilizing manipulatives, and together they sang a song about subtraction with regrouping. It was also very evident that he put a considerable amount of time into preparing the stations.
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Students in one group problem solve using manipulatives to represent the situation in the problem.
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Students discuss their work as a group. (This was the case at every other group as well.)
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At one point Mr. Quijano and his students stop to sing a song about regrouping when subtracting. It is clear that the students are familiar with the song, and that this song will help students remember when to regroup.

Ms. Hamby

While visiting Ms. Hamby's class it was clear that she thought of everything while preparing for this lesson. Students had many references to utilize while working, Students knew where to work for the various stages they were on (drawing, coloring). Students also had "smocks" to use while completing their masterpieces!
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Ms. Hamby posted terms, definitions, and examples of what she expected. If the students had any questions, they simply needed to look at the board for answers.
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Students working hard!

This week....

Tuesday, March 22- STAAR Training
Wednesday, March 23- 1st Grade Field Trip
Friday, March 25- Inclement Weather Day

Next Week...

Monday, March 28- STAAR Pep Rally & Parade
Tuesday, March 29- STAAR 4th Writing & 5th Math
Wednesday, March 30- STAAR 5th Reading