By Mya Williams


It’s never has a white christmas, the country is a harmonious mix of many ethnic groups, and WEATHER.

Who Brings The Gifts

There has been a suggestion that "Swag Man" take over Santa's franchise Down Under. There is a lot of concern about Santa Claus perhaps suffering heat stroke whilst Down Under


Christmas is special to the majority of Australians for it is our Summer Holiday season and students especially are "wrapping" up their school year. Festive rituals of the Christmas celebrated in their respective homelands. Most celebrations include things like candles, trees and gift giving, but there are other customs that are different. As Australians we are able to appreciate culturally diverse Christmas celebrations.

What They Decorate With

Glitter, tinsel and razzmatazz.


Seafood, glazed ham, cold chicken, duck or turkey, cold deli meats, pasta, salads galore, desserts of all types, fruit salad, pavlovas, ice-cream plus Christmas edibles of all varieties such as mince pies,fruit cake, shortbread, chocolates etc.