All About Abigail Adams

BY: Karson Sanders

Birth, Early years, and Education

Abigail was born in 1744 on November 22 in Weymouth, MA. Abigail and her sisters did not go to school. Although, her mother taught them reading, writing, and arithmetics as well as how to cook and sew. Her father and her grandfather both owned huge libraries so Abigail would spend hours reading in them. Her mother worried that she read too much and she was too stubborn and strong-willed, though her grandmother was always on Abigail's side.
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Career and Hobbies

When she got married to John Adams she was a housewife and a mother to many children. She had two daughters, Abigail Amelia, called Nabby, and a young daughter who died, Susanna. Abigail and John also had and three sons, Charles and John Quincy, and Thomas Boylston. One of her hobbies was writing letters to John when he was traveling. She didn't have many hobbies but she did a lot of cooking, cleaning, and sewing.
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The Rest of Abigail's Family

Her Mother: Elizabeth Quincy Smith

Her Father: William Smith

Her Sisters: She had 2 but we don't know their names

Her Grandchildren: Caroline, William

Accomplishments and Travels

Abigail helped her husband and her son John Quincy Adams become president. She was the first lady of the White House. While there was a war right next to her house she let men from the war stay with her for a bit. She fed them and helped them get better so they could go and fight in the war again.

Abigail and her husband, John, went to London for three weeks. They went to museums and went sight seeing. While they were there they rented a mansion with more than forty rooms and it came with eight servants! While she was in London she got a pet songbird to keep her company.

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1744, Abigail was born Nov. 22 in Weymouth MA

1759 John and Abigail met

1764 Oct. 25 Abigail and John got married

1765 daughter Nabby was born

1767 John Quincy was born

1768 daughter Susanna was born

1770 Susanna dies; Charles is born

1772 Thomas was born

1775 Abigail's mother dies

1783 Abigail's father dies

1784 travels to Europe with Nabby

1785 travels to Great Brittan with John and Nabby

1786 Nabby gets married

1787 Abigail is a grandmother when Nabby has her son William

1788 travels home with John Quincy to Braintree MA

1789 John is vice president for 2 terms

1797 John is elected second president of the US

1798 Abigail is seriously sick and nearly dies

1800 Moves into the White House; son Charles dies

1801 returns to Peacefield in Quincy

1813 Nabby dies

1818 Abigail dies from typhoid fever in Quincy on Oct. 28


Abigail died in 1818 on Oct. 28 from typhoid fever that at that time was very contagious.


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