The Amazing ..... Serena Williams

By: Alexis Smith

The story of Serena Williams life

Serena Williams was born 9/26/1981. She is now 34 years old and she is a World Champion in tennis. When her sister and her was little their father wanted them to get into sports and get active, so he put them into tennis. Serena and her sister have playing tennis for all of their lives.

serena williams is the most influential woman athlete in the world

According to Serena Williams said "You have to believe in yourself when no one else does.'' In my own words it means '' When times are low just believe and have hope and faith in yourself. Also states '' When you lose you have to get up, You make it better, and you try again. '' In my own words it means when you try and don't succeed don't give up , dust yourself off and try again. Serena Williams also has on 3 grand slams. Serena is the 2nd African American woman to win grand slam after Althea Gibson. Serena Williams is the best woman tennis player in the world. Serena has not been beaten my a really great tennis player Maria Sharapova in 9 years. That's really great Serena.

some pictures of serena williams