local grocery store gets ransacked

by: carter baie

Asteroid crashes into the moon

When a large asteroid crashed into the moon it knocked the moon closer to the earth. Total chaos broke out. People were going crazy, huge floods were submerging whole towns, and worst of all, giant tsunamis were enveloping whole countries in water. People started destroying grocery stores and gas stations to stock up on supplies. Schools were closed and people were left stranded. Power lines and telephone poles were knocked down and communication was wiped out all across the world. Thousands of deaths have been reported, but because of the bad communication nothing has been confirmed. Experts have advised people to stay in their houses and off of the streets.

the mystery

their have been many rumors about how life is better in the south. many people are determined that their are more supplies in the south. i have done some research and figured out that gas prices are 50% higher and food prices are 10% more expensive.