Ecosystem Description

The temperature of the ocean is around 50 degrees . The weather is usually fine some times storms happen . A ocean is a big body of salt water .

Ocean Animals

Frilled Shark

Frilled Sharks are rare. This shark is a prehistoric. It is cousins with Dinosaurs . A fisher man in Japan encountered one. It was in 2007. It was 5.3 feet long . It was put in a marine park. It was in shallow water when found. A diver went in the the water and helped it. It seemed friendly. In 4 hours it DIED !

Napoleon Wrasse

Napoleon Wrasse live in lagoons . They eat sea urchins . Their bubbly lips help them not get poisoned . Napoleons are a tortoise color. They live in tropical seas.
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My GoPro camera was swallowed by a Napoleon Fish


Belugas are one of the smallest Whales ever discovered . They live in the Arctic Ocean. They eat fish, crustaceans, and worms.

Ocean Plants

Kelp Diatoms and Sea Grass

Kelp is an algae. It grows on rocky ledges under the ocean . Diatoms are plankton. There are 100,000 diatoms on earth. Sea grasses grow in tropical seas.

Intresting Facts

Each year fisher man catch 200 billion pounds of seafood . 25% of the oil we use comes from the ocean . Tiny pieces of gold are in the ocean .

Human Impact

When boats rock oil spills . People throw trash in lakes that lead to oceans . People catch to much fish and there to many smaller fish .