Astrid Radjenovic

2014 Sochi Winter Olympics Athlete Profile

Astrid Radjenovic







Where Astrid was Born and Rasied?

Astid was born and rasied in Sydney, New South Wales. Now she lives in Brisbane


Frank Jacob

Her Club

The Australia Bobsleigh and Skeleton Association

Where does she train?

Astrid trains in Brisbane, QLD & Altenberg , Germany.

What Astrid Did To Qualify For The Olympics?

She came 2nd in the 2006 European cup, then coming 3rd in 2011 at St Moritz, also coming 9th at the 2012 world cup in Altenberg , Germany and then placing 7th at the 2013 world cup in Altenberg, Germany

Her Goals

Astrid's goal for the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics is that she wants to finish at least in the top 12.


Astrid was concussed and sidelined for 2 weeks (30 Jan 2010)

Who Introduced Astrid to Bobsledding?

Hannah Campbell- Pegg an Olympic luge competeter

When did Astrid start competeing in bobsledding?

She started competing in 2003