Gender Specific Classrooms. Why?

By Aidan Boyden


I'll completely admit, there are a lot of pros to gender specific classrooms (all boy or all girl classes), but there is definitely a lot more cons to gender specific classrooms.

Why It's a Bad Idea

The first reason, and more than likely the most obvious reason, is that one person could not communicate with another gender, because they cannot cooperate with each other in the classroom. Another reason, lots of teachers do not have specific training to fit gender specific classrooms. Another reason, in 2007, the National Institute of Mental Health, and proved that males and females had very similar learning strategies, therefore having learning strategies fitting each gender, completely useless. Some more of the over 100 reasons that gender segregated classrooms are that it promote poor social skills, may promote sexism, have fewer experience with the other gender, and may even in some cases, go against the law, like the American Civil Liberties Union of Kentucky in 2008.
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This is Just Ridiculous

With all of the information I have given you, I very much hope that you have convinced yourself to say that gender specific classrooms is absolutely ridiculous, and realize that the amount of cons of this idea absolutely dominates the number of pros there are, and I hope brochure helped you change your mind to think gender specific classrooms is just a flat out bad idea.