National Food Day

Let's Make a Healthier Nation

What is National Food Day?

National Food Day is a day dedicated to help the American population cut down on our terrible eating habits, and to eat food that is healthier, and that comes from places that are not terrible for the environment, and where food is grown with care, not with artificial chemicals that poison the land and us. Every year on October 24, people across the Nation have fundraisers and events supporting National Food Day. The people who founded it were very angry that most of the American population cannot be without its diet of unhealthy, fake foods that make us obese and more prone to medical problems. They also were fed up with how the producers of a lot of our food use bad chemicals and hormones to make our food grow and develop faster. These take a toll on us and the environment. Our goal is to make this a national holiday which will host events around the country, in EVERY school, so we can raise awareness and make a healthier country. Please help to make October 24 a special day for our nation.

More Information

Please, help to make this holiday happen in our schools by making this a school-wide holiday. This year, more than 4,500 events took place celebrating this great holiday. For more information, go to