By: Rose Sheppard

Info about Journey

Before they got the name Journey they where The Golden Gate Rythem Section. They play Rock, Jass Fution,Pop ,Passive Rock, Hard Rock, and Soft Rock. They where most popular in the 1980-1990.

How it started

Journey started out in San Francisco in 1973. There original band name was The Golden Gate Rythem Section. They started out with playing as a backup group, but start to change to play jass fusion. They entered a radio contest for a new name, but it was unsucessful untill a roadie John Villaneuva suggested Journey.

How they became popular & what they are known for

Evolution is the record that made them become popular with being on the Billbord Hot 100. Journey is known for one of there top selling songs "Dont Stop Believin".

How did they fit in with there time

They played the piano and an electric guitar which was common for the 1980. They mixed pop with rock which was normal in the 1980 too.

Did they impact there genre of music or music as a whole

They did not impact there genre or music, but they where very popular, so when a album released it was a big deal.

Intersting facts

  • Don't Stop Believin' was number one bought song on iTunes until radioactive.
  • 21 people have been in the band not including managers.
  • Neal Schon was the only member of Journey that stayed with the band the entire time.
Journey - Don't Stop Believin' (Audio)

In Don't Stop Believin' Steve Perry did lead vocals. Ross Valory did bass guitar, background vocals. Jonathan Cain did piano, keyboards, background vocals. Neal Schon did lead and rhythm guitars, background vocals. Steve Smith did drums and percussion.