Falcon's Beak

September Edition

Welcome Back!

On behalf of the faculty and community partners, I wish to extend to you and your family a heartfelt “Falcon” Welcome to another exciting school year. Our staff is delighted to partner with you and your child to bring you a rigorous and one of a kind learning experience this school year. In an effort to enjoy a smooth start to our school year, I have enclosed a few important reminders regarding this year’s start of school, Open House information and additional ways to stay connected.

We are excited to kick off of another exciting school year. We have made some significant adjustments to our tardy to school policy. Those were reviewed with your child during our first class meeting and are outlined below.

On behalf of our Falcon family, faculty, community partners and proud PTSA, it is my honor to serve you and your family on this next stage of your child's academic journey. Follow us on twitter @FirestoneCLC.

Core Beliefs

We Believe...

  • educators and students have the capacity to creatively solve their own problems, through collaboration, diagnostic and achievement data, and clear outcomes - they only need the opportunity
  • innovation is a critical characteristic of authentic and high-quality education
  • educators and students grow in grit and capacity by learning from their mistakes and being challenged with high expectations
  • achievement happens when students and teachers are empowered to critically reflect on their practices and habits - trust the process

Dates to Remember

Wednesday, August 30, 2017 - First day of school for freshman

Friday, September 1, 2017 - First Day of School for sophomores & juniors

Monday, September 4, 2017 - HOLIDAY - SCHOOLS CLOSED

Tuesday, September 5, 2017 - First Day of School for Seniors

Wednesday, September 6, 2017 - Safety Day Drills (all of APS)

  • 9:00 am - Fire Drill
  • 9:20 am - Tornado Drill
  • 9:30 am - A.L.I.C.E. Drill - Lockdown-barricade drill. Go over A.L.I.C.E. procedures with your class. A PowerPoint is attached if you would like to use it.
  • 9:50 am - all drills complete.

Thursday, September 7, 2017 - OPEN HOUSE 5:30 - 7:30 pm

Saturday, September 9, 2017 - ACT test 8:00 am FCLC Cafeteria

Tuesday, September 12, 2017 - Junior Hearing Tests

Wednesday, September13, 2017- Financial Aid Night 6:00 - 7:30 PM Auditorium

PTSA Meeting 6:30 PM - RM 118

Thursday, September 14, 2017 - Freshman Vision & Hearing Testing

Thursday, September 28, 2017 - Falcon Family Institute 3:45 - 6:45 pm

Senior Parent Night 6:00 pm Auditorium

Important reminders:

Breakfast is from 7:40 - 8:00 AM. Breakfast is over at 8:00 am. First-period begins at 8:15 AM. Students will be marked tardy if they arrive at their first-period class anytime between 8:15 - 8:20 AM. Students will report directly to their first-period class between 8:15 -8:20 AM- where they will be marked TARDY TO SCHOOL by their first-period teacher. Anytime after 8:20 AM students are required to sign in at the sign in desk. Students who arrive at school after 8:20 AM are subject to the following (progressive) consequences (these reset at the end of each GP):

  • Tardy School (Days are randomly selected by the administration) - Students that arrive after 8:15 will report directly to RM 118 until the end of the first period.
  • After 16 tardies (to school or class) students will be declared ineligible for all after school activities for a time period up to 3 weeks. This includes but is not limited to extra curricular activities and athletic events. Tardies reset at the end of each grading period.
  • After School Detention - Students will be assigned an after school detention to be served in room 104 from 3:30 - 4:30 pm
  • Saturday School - Students will be assigned to Saturday School from 8:00 - 11:00 AM

The school day ends at 3:30 PM. Students can wait for their ride outside (weather permitting) no students will be permitted to be in the building after 3:40 pm unless they are supervised by a coach, advisor, teacher or administrator - all students are expected to exit the building.

Early Release

Students will participate in early release at 2:40 PM on teacher PLC days (Fridays). Early release days are tentatively scheduled (see September dates below). You will be informed via all call if there are any changes to these dates.

  • September 15, 22, 29

On these days students are expected to exit the building by 2:50 PM.

Starting the school Year - What you need to know

Learning is Changing

Beginning this fall all Firestone students will receive a Chromebook. This new initiative will transform and extend learning opportunities in our classrooms and your homes. With this district, initiative parents have some requirements before their child receives their device.

September's Online Tips:

This initiative will change the study habits of your child as well as their social habits. As your child evolves so should your ability to monitor their activity and internet habits. I encourage you to watch the following links to better prepare your family to support your child through this exciting transformation.

Freshman Academies 2017

Now that your child has been sorted, What's next? Join us August 30th from 5:30 - 7:00 PM for Freshman Orientation. Below are the academic expectations of every freshman this year.

  1. Students will engage and complete all academic requirements to earn credit in every course they are enrolled.
  2. Students will complete 20 hours of community service this year.
  3. Students will complete an Academy Capstone. Find a community problem to solve, generate a problem statement and create a solution and present their learning no later than May 25, 2018.
  4. Students will work to improve learning habits through the IB Learner Profile.
  5. Students will participate in 3 Design Challenges.
  6. Accompany parent/guardian on two Falcon Family Institutes.
  7. Monitor Graduation Position System (GPS) and ask questions of their teachers, counselors and Academy Principal.

Learner Profile (Habits for Success)

Inquirers - students learn to nurture their curiosity, developing skills for inquiry and research. Students learn to how they learn independently, and with others. Students will be able to, with enthusiasm, sustain a love of learning throughout life.

Knowledgeable - Students will learn to use conceptual understanding, exploring knowledge across a range of disciplines. Students will engage with issues and ideas that have local and global significance.

Thinkers - Students will learn to think critically and creatively to analyze and take responsible action on complex problems. Students will learn to exercise initiative when making ethical and logical decisions.

Communicators - Students will learn to express themselves confidently and creatively in/through different venues and situations. Students will be able to collaborate and listen to a variety of perspectives from other individuals and groups.

Principled - Students are expected to act with integrity and honesty, and use a strong sense of fairness, justice, and respect for the dignity and rights of people everywhere. Students will learn the importance of taking responsibility for their actions.

Open Minded - Students will learn to critically appreciate everyone's culture and personal histories, as well as the values and traditions of others. Students will be able to evaluate a range of points.

Caring - Students will learn to show empathy, compassion, and respect. Students will commit to service, and to making a positive difference in the lives of others in our community and the world around us.

Risk Takers - Students will learn to approach uncertainty with forethought and determination; they will learn to work independently and cooperatively to explore new ideas and innovative strategies. Students will be resourceful and resilient in the face of challenges and change.

Balanced - Students will learn and understand the importance of balancing different aspects of their lives—intellectual, physical, and emotional—to achieve well-being for themselves and others. Students will be able to recognize their interdependence with other people and with the world in which we live.

Reflective - Students will learn to thoughtfully consider the world and their own ideas and experience. Students will be able to work to understand their own strengths and weaknesses in order to support their learning and personal development.

School Communications

Firestone Community Learning Center (FCLC) has several modes of communications: email, Twitter (@FirestoneCLC), mailed letters and all calls. You can expect monthly newsletters and all calls. Mailed correspondences take place periodically throughout the school year, but especially at the end of each semester.

Home Access Center

As a reminder to all parents/guardians, it is our goal to prepare your child to grow and compete in the 21st century as learners and creative problem solvers. With that being said, as our district grows in technology, we want to make sure that our parents/guardians are aware and take advantage of these internet based resources. Home Access Center (HAC) is the District's official grade book and is available for both parent and student use. It allows parents/guardians/students to see their child's class schedules, current grades, assignments, attendance, and connect to their teachers. This collaborative tool communicates your child's progress, areas of academic strength and deficiencies.

Therefore, as a reminder, Firestone CLC will not print Interim Report Cards, they will only be available online. Further, with many updates to HAC - grade point averages are now available online. We will print and mail report cards at the end of each semester. It is our expectation that parents/guardians utilize this resource to monitor the progress of their child/children.

Falcon Family Institute - Where Families Come to Learn

Formerly known as Interim Report Pick-Up Night has been upgraded to "Falcon Family Institute - Where families come to learn." During these community evenings, parents will still have access to teachers, to conference with, to check on their academic progress, meet with members of our PTSA. Falcon Family Institute brings valuable community resources to you. During these nights, families will have the opportunity to access a variety of resources and opportunities to learn more about preparing and planning for your child's future. Falcon Family Institute dates are as follows:

September 28, 2017 3:45- 6:45PM

December 7, 2017 3:45- 6:45PM

MArch 1, 2018 3:45- 6:45PM

April 26, 2018 3:45- 6:45PM


Halloween Dance is October 25th from 7:00-9:00 p.m.

Senior Dues

Please look at the attachment to find out what fees are included in your senior dues for the Class of 2018. Each senior will be expected to pay the general fee. The cost for prom is optional. Cap/gown and yearbook are separate expenses.

  • General Fee: The general fee includes the cost of the Halloween Dance, Picnic, Pep Assembly decorations, senior breakfast, flowers for graduation, decorations at graduation, class gift, graduation location and other expenses.
  • Prom: The cost of prom this year is $50.00. This includes the cost of the hall, D.J., decorations, ticket printing, and the party favors. This will also include a donation to after prom for food.
  • Yearbook: The yearbook is NOT included in the senior dues. Yearbooks may be purchased online.
  • CAP/GOWN: The cap/gown are ordered through Josten’s. The link can be found at Firestonefalcons.org on the Senior Class page. Orders being taken on October 6th at school in the cafeteria during the lunch periods.


ALL PAYMENTS must be in the form of CASH or MONEY ORDER

made out to “Firestone High School. Checks will not be accepted!

The first deadline for the payment of dues is December 15, 2017. At least 50% of the total must be paid at this time.

Full payment of dues must be made by March 23, 2018. Any dues paid after the deadline will result in a late fee and possible exclusion from activities.

In order to stay updated with senior information and important dates please consult this page. www.firestonefalcons.org or CLICK HERE

Counselor's Corner

Coming Soon!

A Message from our PTSA

Welcome to another school year at Firestone Community Learning Center! By the time you reach high school, you realize how important a strong parent group is to the education and well-being of our students. Our students may not need us the same way they did in elementary and middle school but make no mistake-they need us now more than ever! One way to stay involved is by joining the PTSA! You will stay in the know about things that are happening in the school and will also have opportunities to get involved in various school activities like Homecoming and Winter Formal...it is not often you get to come hang out and see your student and their friends dance!

Please join us for our first PTSA meeting on Sept. 13th at 6:30 in Room 118. You will have the opportunity to meet the 2017/18 PTSA Board, hear about some exciting things planned for the school year, learn about various ways you can get involved and for new parents, you can also ask seasoned parents of Falcons any questions you have!