By Connor Campbell

Cool Facts

+ First country in Europe to not change it's name sense it was established.

+ Capital is Sofia

+ Fist computer was created by Bulgarians


+ Parliamentary Democracy: political system in with the people elect people to represent them

+ Constitution of Bulgaria: basic laws of the Republic of Bulgaria

+ National Assembly: gathering of 240 deputies


+ Free Market: privately owned businesses

+ Euro: Bulgaria is not in the Eurozone and says it will be by the end of 2018

+ Wealth: Bulgaria's wealth has been increasing over the years

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+ The main religion is Bulgarian Orthodox

+ There are also Roman Catholics, Protestants, and Jews.

+ 12% Muslim population


+ Man and women are equal .

+ children are not allowed to go out side until they are 40 days old.


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+ They created the computer

+ the computer has been evolved


+ 42.7500° N, 25.5000° E

+ neighbor to Romania

+ neighbor or Greece