Donato Bramente

Renaissance Artist and Architect, by Matt Mirabile


Donato Bramente was born in 1444 in Urbino, Italy ( no exact date is known). Bramente passed away on March 11, 15 in Rome, Italy. Bramente was mainly an Architect, but was an artist as well. Bramente spent most of his life in Rome, Italy in the first decade in the 16th century. Bramente held the title of the chief Architect of Rome until his death. Bramente did not have any formal education in the arts but learned by watching and learning the techniques of his peers. Also he was under patronage most of his life so he was able to perfect his art. Bramente designed buildings mainly like Palazzo dei Tribunal (1508), Palazzo Caprini (1510), and a new basilica of St. Peter (1506). Bramente also painted on occasion. Bramente was under patronage first by the Sforza family in Milan, Italy. Then In Rome, Italy he was under patronage by Pope Alexander IV and Julius II. Humanism is most likely linked with his style of art because he grew up in a humanist environment surrounded by artists. Classicism is also most likely linked with Bramente because with humanism comes ancient Greece and Rome ideas which brings classicism.
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Tempietto, San Pietro

Tempietto, San Pietro was one of Donato Bramente's finest pieces of work. The Tiempietto was created in 1502 (1508 is also a possible date but it is not known exactly) and you might see this piece today in Montorio, Rome. The Tempietto is regarded as one of the finest examples of high renaissance Architecture. The Tempietto is a small circular chapel. It has a simple design and has the essence of classical architecture. The dome is held up by circular pillars that are clean cut. Classicism is most likely linked to this piece because the columns in combination with the pillars supporting them are ides taken from the classical style. I find this piece so interesting because the concept is simple but elegant at the same time, thanks to the classical influence.

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