No Teacher Left Behind

Make sure you are not Left Behind !

Don't be Left Behind

We often talk about the measures of No Child Left Behind to ensure students success, however there is no talk about the No Teachers Left Behind Act. Being a teacher is no easy task especially with all the standards we must meet as well. A "teacher role is central to ensuring that students reach their potential", so we must make sure we are not left behing with all the advancements in technoloy and strategies in the classroom.

"Technology changes teaching, not teachers"

With schools using computers and the internet more often, teachers have to learn how to operate the computers and integrate them effectively in to their instruction. Technology training in service is becoming more important along with teacher certification and re-certification requirements that include technology training.

Making sure you are ahead!

Teachers Around the Country

Teaching Learning

Teachers around the country should use consistent standard and practices and pass high stake test on the information they have learned. Teacher education programs can better prepare teachers education by incorporating the NETS-T in their certification course. To help with their continuing professional development they can learn with online conferences,webinars that are specific to their area of study.

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National Educational Technology Standards for Teachers

The goal of the standards is encouraged best practices in PK-12 learning environments. NETS-T focuses on teachers abilities to facilitate and inspire students learning and creativity. Teachers learn how how to implement this standard as they learn about performance assessments, portfolio assessments and authentic assessments that model real world activities. I fell that these standards are into only beneficial to the teachers but students as well, as they enhance 21st Century skills, and technology into the classrooms.


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