Wapusk Nationalpark-MantibotaCanada

Jackson Krebs

physical features of the park

Wapusk National Park is on the southwest corner of the Hudson Bay. It is around 11,475 spare kilometers. The park is a marvelous place to view the Northern Lights. The land is a mix of tundra and forests so there are a mix of different habitats and areas to hike and explore. The tide marks in the park are 6.2 miles apart from low to high.

park wild life

guaranteed to be fun and great place for all ages


There are over 1,000 types of vegitation on the property. There are plants like Alpine Azaleas, Lapland Rosebays, and Purple saxifrages dot the landscape. Berries like Bear berries, cranberries, and Blue berries are abundant in the park. during the summer

tourists facilites

The park offers different tours and viewings of the area. In the November, February, and March months there are Polar bear viewing trips available. Or you can get a aerial tour of the park. and form June 1st to the 30th you can take a canoe trip down the Owl river and camp.


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