Whitford's Weekly Update


Podcasts - I have recently found a couple of good podcasts to listen to on my way to work in the morning. I will share the links below, but both are very informative and not too long. The first one is called Classroom Questions and the other is Truth for Teachers. Both are positive, inspirational and filled with ideas. Both can be downloaded from iTunes or listened to on your computer with the link I have shared.

Cell Phones, iPods, etc. - I had someone ask today what the policy was on students bringing devices to school. Students are allowed to bring devices to school, but it is up to each classroom teacher to determine when they can and cannot be used in the classroom. If a student has a device out, in use or not, if the teacher hasn't requested the students to use their devices, the teacher may collect the device and keep it until the end of the day. The student does not have to be given a discipline referral, but they can be given one. If this becomes a repeated offense I recommend contacting the parent and seeing if they can help you convince the child to keep the device at home, or let them know that the child will have to turn it in each morning at the start of the day because they seem incapable of not playing with the device during the day. The student can then collect the device and take it home at the end of the day. We will not keep a students device overnight.

End of School Celebration - I have only had a couple of people ask, but just so you are aware, the End of School Celebration will be on June 9th this year. That is the Tuesday before the last day of school. After discussing it with the PTO it looks like we will try to hold it at Winnebago Park this year. We will make a day of events for students, and then have our Hot Dog/Brat Picnic at the park. We will need to look at how we can schedule things so everyone has their prep time during the day, but I think we can make this work. Part of the worry was that construction (or destruction really) of our playground may need to take place before school is actually out. This will create some headaches, but it should only affect that last short week of school if at all.

Badge Swiping Masters - I just wanted to congratulate Irene, Lindsey, Cheryl and Karen for getting 100% of their swipes on the time card reader this last pay period. Some of you had done this before, and I know some others that are not listed above had done it before as well, but I just thought of it this week and wanted to thank you and congratulate you on hitting 100% of your swipes. It hasn't been an easy adjustment, but we keep getting better at it. Thanks All!

Calendar of Events


16 Tom - Meeting w/5th grade Team @Miller Office (11:20am)

Planning Meeting - (AG) - Gonia @Miller Office (1pm)

IEP Meeting (MT) - Stoffregen @Miller Office (1:30pm)

Miller - Mini Pow-Wow @Miller Gym (2pm)

Miller PBIS Team Meeting @Miller Library (3:20pm)

17 RIF Book Giveaway @Camp Douglas

Camp/Oakdale Mini Pow-Wow @Camp Douglas (9:45am)

St. Patrick's Day Luncheon @Miller Library (11:30am)

18 Tom Out in AM - Badger Exam Training @CESA 4 (9am - 12pm)

Camp/Oak PTO Meeting @Oakdale (5:30pm)

19 Tom Out in AM - Admin Team Meeting @DO (9am)

Camp/Oak PBIS Leadership Team Meeting @Oakdale (3:15pm)

Camp/Oak Family Reading Night @Oakdale (6:00pm)

20 Funny Sock Day to Support Downs Syndrome

Tom - Lunch W/Camp Douglas Staff @Camp (11:30am)

Tom Out in PM - Elementary Principals Meeting @DO (1:00pm)

23 Tom Out All Day - Personal

BIT Meeting (DG) - Szeflinski @Miller Office (1:30pm)

Miller Chip Shoppe Assembly - Fundraiser Kickoff @Miller Gym (2:30pm)

Camp/Oak IRT/BIT Meeting @Oakdale (3:15pm)

24 Tom Out All Day - Personal

Miller Staff Meeting - Willow Training w/Theresa P @Miller Library (3:20pm)

25 Tom - Lunch w/Oakdale Staff @Oakdale (11:30am)

Oak/Camp Staff Meeting @Oakdale (3:15pm)

27 Miller Pastries w/Parents K&1 @Miller Library (7:00am)

Miller - Smiles4Life @Julie Zingler's Room

Tom - Lunch w/Camp Douglas Staff @Camp (11:30 am)


1 Early Release Day

Camp/Oak Pinochio Play sponsored by PTO @Camp Douglas Gym (9:30am)

Teacher Grading Time (1:20pm - 3:45pm)

2 No School for Students

Teacher Collaboration in AM @LaGrange

Teacher PD Opportunities in PM

3 - 7 No School - SPRING BREAK

Never, Never, Never, Ever Give up.

SC Featured - Miraculous: The Austin Hatch Story