Real-World Application;

Computer Tech

Computer Tech Skills in School

While taking this Computer Tech Course I have been able to put together different types of graphs. One of these types was a line graph. I actually had an example of using a line graph to track your GPA, so why wouldn't I be able to use that to track my actual GPA? I can.

Another Example of Using my Skills for School

One topic we went over in the Computer Technology Class was Presentation Software. This will be helpful for Science. Often in my class we have science presentations, now I know many different unique ways to present my information. We also gather information and share it on Google Docs, because of this class I better know how to use it.

Computer 101

This class not only helps me in my other classes, but it helps me with my everyday life. By learning Computer 101, I can better understand what is happening inside my computer and it better helps my to know what I can do.