music and cuture

A typical music ensemble in Venezuela is the Ilanera ensemble.

Ilanera Ensemble

The arpa Ilanera, or traditional Harp, serves as leader and is supported by several types of small, guitar-link instruments. Rattles called capachos are the only percussion instruments. These groups commonly play the joropo, a music and dance style of the high plains of Venezuela.

Listen to the song below called "Canto del agua". This is a song from Venezuela in joropo style.

Canto del Agua (arr. D. Hill)

Below is the translation of the song you just listened to. Read through the words and think about what it means.

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The joropo is the national dance of Venezuela. Derived from several dances from Spain, joropo music has a Spanish flavor. It was introduced in Venezuela as early as the sixteenth century. Music for dancing the joropo is polyrhythmic, which means the beat is always changing. The joropo dance is a couples' dance and has one main rule: * The dancers must always be touching!* Watch an example of the amazing dance below.
Grupo Corculla