The Fever List #1

Product Recommendations by FB Fever


I told you that I would be working to bring you some really good deals to make you more money online. The products below work especially well with FBFever. I hope this list doesn't disappoint.

Thank you and looking forward to working with (and helping) you!


#1 - FB Infiltrator

This is a really cool plugin. Really cool... FB Infiltrator allows you to sell products directly inside your Newsfeed, Fanpage, Profiles and Groups. The plugin comes with high converting lead capture and salespage templates.

Yep, Opt-in Forms Right Inside your Post

+ Super Easy-to-use Templates

#2 - FB Admin

This course is a personal favorite. FB Admin is easy to understand and use, and will bring the 'reputation' to your reputation management. Fans are the lifeblood of our fan pages. Engaged fans are even better. FB Admin promises tons of engaged fans without spending a 'single red cent' on ads. No spam, no black hat, 15-30 minutes of work daily.

#3 - FB Fever

That's right - FB Fever! You've mastered the course, now apply what you learned and sell it! Sell it on Facebook, Push it on Twitter, Market it to your Email list. Whether you are a seasoned pro, or getting your feet wet (if the latter, send us a message stating that you own the course when you apply), we want to work with you. Apply to our affiliate program on JVZoo here or below.

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