Spirit of Wipro Run 2012

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15 Sept - Runners, mark your calendar. The track is waiting.

The Spirit of Wipro Run starts in two weeks, on 15th September. This will be your day to push everything aside and head for the finish line. This will be the day that will give you memories that will make you stronger every time. Runners, prepare to meet the real you on the track.

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Spirit of Wipro Run2012

Saturday, Sep. 15th 2012 at 6am

Across 82 cities in the world

Spirit of Wipro Run started in 2006 July, with an intention of bringing the Wipro’s run loving community together and also to celebrate the essence of Spirit of Wipro as a community.

The run over the years has grown both in terms of popularity, scale and the sheer number of runners. In its 7th year, the Spirit of Wipro run is being held in more than 82 cities across the world with more than 40000 registered runners. The run is scheduled to be held on 15 September 2012.

The run is an embodiment of how Wipro as an organization believes in the spirit of inclusivity. The range of running activities cater to different individual needs – we have the run varying from 2kms to 21kms across different locations. The run is also an occasion where Wiproites come together with their family, friends, clients, suppliers – anyone a Wiproite knows - and celebrate the spirit of running. The Spirit of Wipro Run has become a recent tradition at Wipro and is really about people who love to run.