The Amazing Race!!

Lets Travel

Hong Kong Park Find

You will be going to Hong Kong park,which is one of the biggest amusement parks in Hong Kong and one of the most major ones they have. You will be going to look for the butterfly with the lady head and many other characters. Once you find each one you must take a picture with them. ( Climate: The climate In Hong Kong in usually high tempeture at bout26 degrees Celsius. With low humidity and rain fall.)

Up and Round

Next you'll be going to London in United Kingdom. Once you get here you'll be going to St. Paul's cathedral. This place is very historic and has been in London for a very long time. You will be going up and down the stairs 6 times. The catch is that you can't stop/take a pause, if you take a pause you will have to start all over again.( Climate:In London rainfall comes throughout the year. With temperature almost never going below freezing.)

Beach bar

I hope you're ready to party because you are going to be going to one of the most major beaches known in Lagos ,Nigeria. Once you arrive in Lagos you need to go straight to beach bar and find the person who doesn't speak the African language. This language has been spoken for over 200 years don't mess it up now..( Climate: In Lagos there it is usually tropical and wet and dry.. They have really heavy rains during the months April- July.)

Night Light

Once every year the people of Perth, western Australia have a celebration called "The Light of Dark Festival" with a big bon fire & lanterns. This shows that light is better that dark or that light overcomes darkness. You will need to find the person with no lantern... Good luck with that....(Climate: Perth has mild winters and hot dry summers with almost sunshine everyday... Perth is like the California of Australia.)

Party Mashup

You're almost done but, you need to go El Salvador, Brazil. Well in El Salvador they are bug on parties and they go all out.. You will be attending one of these parties. Your job is to find the woman/man who has no instrument. (Climate:El Salvador has a tropical climate with wet and dry seasons.)
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