Technology Class

Lineville Intermediate School


Did you know you have make a movie with a tap and export away. In iMovie you are able to make your own movie how you want to. There is different type of ways you can make it for your movie and you can record what you want and edit how you want as well. Have a fun time using iMovie.


On iTrailer you can make a trailer for any movie you would make on iMovie. iTrailer is able to pick a certain theme that would fit you movie best. There's adrenaline, Bollywood, coming of age, romance, fairy tale, and so much more. Hope you find what you like on iTrailer.

Haiku Deck

When your using a power point it must be a little boring but Haiku Deck is really fun. You are able to add as many slides as you want and text, picture, layout, and notes. Haiku Deck is not only fun but you can learn a lot about it you can mess around with it but you can learn about it too. Hope you have an awesome experience with Haiku Deck.

Explain Everything

In Explain Everything you can make a power point. It has markers, pencil, laser, eraser, text, and you can record your voice. It will help you teach a class or help your friends learn something. Hope you have a great time learning new ways to present on Explain Everything.

Go Animate

Do you like to animate? if you do then Go Animate is perfect for you. You are aloud to make any type or animate you are thinking of you can make business, comedy, anime and so much more. There is alot of fun things you can do on Go Animate too there is voice (girl or boy), character (boy or girl), and you can pick props for the person. Also you can put any action in and you can choose your favorite background for you Go Animate. Have a wonder time using Go Animate.