If You Don't Judge

Bailey Everton 6-7 th period

Analysis of Development of Theme

The plot and characters influence my theme because.... If Max judged Freak and just left him and let him get his toy plane out of the tree by himself then he could have got hurt. Also if he left him there he could have been killed by his father because Freak wouldn't be there to rescue him from his father. Also Max could still be the same and still miss treat Grim and Gram and everyone around him. The plot also influenced a lot because if they lived some where different then Max would have never met Freak! Also if his father and his mother never fought then his mom wouldn't be dead and his father in jail then he would have ever moved in with Grim and Gram and that way he wouldn't have met Freak either!

Reflection and Application of Theme

I think the theme fits great and is good for this book because all over the world people are all the time somewhere are being judged because of their appearance, and that is a problem because even if you aren't the most popular kid in school does not mean that you are a bad person. That is what the problem is kids don't even get a chance to try and make friends because people wont even give them a chance. Like in Freak the Mighty Max was Freaks only friend because no one would give him a chance and since Max gave him a chance he got to realize actually how great he really is! I also choose this theme because it can really connect to almost every kid around the world! Especially me because at one point until I finally got some friends I had no friends either so this theme really connects to me and that is why I choose it.

Visual Representation


Well all through out the book is really about this kid named Max. So he lives with his grandparents ( Grim and Gram) while his dad is serving time in jail. But there are some cons about having a criminal for a dad and one of them is looking like him. So everyone is always just keeping a eye on him to make sure he doesn't pull any tricks but it is not just the people around him it is even his grandparents, so they put him in what he calls the down under. But along the way Max meets this boy named Kevin or as some people call him Freak. So how he met Freak was he was outside and saw a boy standing in his wagon trying to get his toy out of the tree. So Max knew he had to help him because he knew he would hurt himself. But what Max didn't know is that Kevin (Freak) was a pure genius. But what he also doesn't know is that Freak would soon save him from his father when he is done serving time in jail. So that is how they became Freak the Mighty!!!

Information about the Author

Rodman Philbrick was born in 1951 in Boston, Massachusetts. A couple of years later Rodman got married to Lynn Harnett in 1980 but a little while later she died in 2012. But before then they wrote books together and did it for hours at a time. Rodman's two most famous books were Freak the Mighty and Max the Mighty. And how he got the idea for Freak the Mighty was from a movie later in that time called The Mighty. Also Rodman currently lives in Maine, Florida. Also tons of his books he writes are based on real stories from the past he also wrote some from wars, but not just stories from the past but also mysteries and thrillers that were also written with his wife.

Resources: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rodman_Philbrick

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