St. Lucia, where memories are made!

By: Ra'Zirah Bethea

St. Lucia

The capital of St. Lucia is Castries, and 4 major cities are Besèe, Vieuxfort, Micoud, and Soufrière.

History of St. Lucia

St. Lucia was controlled by Britain in 1814, but gained independence in 1979. The official language of St. Lucia is English, and the flag of St. Lucia has a blue background with a yellow triangle in the center with a black arrow like shape on top of the triangle.

Tourists information

other information

[Geographical information]

St. Lucia is located in the eastern Caribbean sea. Three physical features are mountains,

valcano, and bays.

[Political information]

The government type is monarchy the nations leader is Kenny Anthony .

[Economic information]

The currency of St. Lucia is the East Caribbean dollar. The economic system is capitalism