Spiny Dogfish Shark!!

Jaleel Goodwin

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Here are the Organs

  1. Gall bladder
  2. Heart
  3. Kidney
  4. Liver
  5. Pancreas
  6. Small Intestines
  7. Large Intestines
  8. Stomach
  9. Esophagus
  10. Rectum
  11. Claspers
  12. Lateral line
  13. Gills

Functions of Organs

Here are the Functions

  1. Gall bladder-Bile from the liver is stored here.
  2. Heart-Functions the same as a humans, it pumps blood throughout the shark's body. Is made up of many cavities like the atrium and sinus venosus.
  3. Kidney- Produces Urine
  4. Liver-Two main functions: To store all fatty reserves and energy. It also has many oils in it to help keep the shark buoyant.
  5. Pancreas-It is a digestive gland. It produces hormones as well as digestive enzymes to help break down fats and carbs in the stomach.
  6. Small Intestines- where the food is broken down at.
  7. Large Intestines- where chyme turns in to waste
  8. Stomach-Food goes here after being devoured, and digestion takes place here.
  9. Esophagus- connection between the pharynx to the stomach. Sends food
  10. Rectum-Where excretory matter is stored right before disposal.
  11. Clappers-A finger-like extension of the male reproductive system that aid in sperm
  12. Lateral line- It is a pale line that extends the length of the shark, but the line is actually a group of tiny pores that open into the canal. Then water travels through the canal and allows the shark to control water movement.
  13. Gills- five vertical slits that allow water to exit the mouth after passing over the


kingdom- animalia
squal formes
squal idae

Life Span

Estimates of the dogfish's life span range from 25-100 years.


The spiny dogfish shark is found worldwide in temperate and subarctic waters, in the temperate and subarctic latitudes of the North Atlantic and North Pacific oceans. These sharks have even been found in the Black sea and Mediterranean sea.