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Makerspaces & Breakouts & Ozobots, Oh My!

Makerspace Kits

Curious about using robots, virtual reality or Makerspaces in general? We have created kits to get you started on your path to makerspace success. Inside of our kits you will find,

  • 1 Dash Robot

  • 1 SPRK+ Robot

  • 1 pack of Ozobots

  • 2 Virtual Reality Headsets

Our kits were created for librarians who have the desire to learn but may not have had the opportunity to use the technologies involved in creating a real working makerspace. Borrowing our kits is an excellent way to grow your knowledge of robots and virtual reality without financial risk. Plus, you aren’t alone. We are here to train you on how to use the technologies, as well as locate resources, connect you with other maker librarians, and help you build great collections.

Wonder League Robotics Competition: Introduction

Breakout EDU Boxes

Teamwork! Innovation! Connecting! Critical Thinking!

Students will practice all of these skills and more when using Breakout EDU boxes. It has been shown that game-based learning is a tremendously useful way to engage students in learning. Teaching with Breakout EDU boxes creates an atmosphere of learner agency and fun. Students will also use important skills such as perseverance, collaboration, and reasoning. Borrowing an SLS box is an excellent way to test the resource without any financial risk.

Introducing Breakout EDU

Ozobot Sets

The SLS has two classroom sets; one Ozobot kit and one OzobotBit kit.

If you would like to borrow a set, please let us know. You just need white paper to get started!

Ozobot is a tiny robot that can read combinations of color and light to perform tasks. Ozobots are a great way to introduce pre-coding and advanced coding topics. By simply using paper and markers, you can begin to create codes for the Ozobot to follow. Check out the Ozobot Education links to view a teacher's guide, activities and lesson plans aligned with Common Core Standards and STEM skills. If you would like to reserve the classroom kit or Ozobot Bits, please contact the SLS.

Ozobot's 2 Ways to Code | STEAM Made Simple

Story Design Ktis

Review last month's Resource Spotlight to learn more about Story Design!
Story Design: Innovative STEAM Projects


How many Ozobots are included in a set?

There are 18 Ozobots in each set.

What is the loan period for the SLS Kits?

This is dependent upon your needs. Contact Amanda Karian to create a custom borrowing plan. Most librarians use their borrowed kit for one month.

Do I have to keep track of what is inside?

Yes, please do keep track of and send back all materials included in the kit you borrow. We make this easy by including a comprehensive list of contents. Feel free to mark it up and use it as a checklist.

How do I borrow a kit?

Please contact Amanda Karian, SLS Specialist.


Additional Resources


If you have any questions about your SLS Kits, please do not hesitate to contact Amanda Karian.

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Kerrie Burch, Director of School Library System, Model Schools, and Arts

Amanda Karian, School Library System Specialist