Course Linking Errors

with schedule changes


1st 9 weeks progress 1 grade values exist in both parent/child grade groups

  • This error means that there are grade values for this student for 1st 9 weeks progress 1 for BOTH courses.
  • You will need to identify which course owns the grade (which course was the student enrolled in during that grading period).
  • Then you will delete the grade ownership for the course that the student WAS NOT enrolled in during that grading window.


Johnny had a schedule change on 09/07. He was enrolled in course J01234/2 until 09/07, when he moved to course J01234/1. The courses were not linked properly and so manual grades were entered for Johnny. Now he has a PG1 grade for BOTH courses.

The system cannon identify which grade to choose (even if they are the exact same).

In this case, because the grading window ended on 09/03, the NEW course DOES NOT have grade ownership over PG1.

The grade value manually entered in for course J01234/1 will need to have the ownership deleted.

How to Delete Grade Ownership

This Smore will walk you through the steps of deleting grade ownership


Future Course/Sec J01234/2 start date must be after/same past link course/sec J01234/1 end date

  • This error means that the two courses you are trying to link overlap.
  • Courses cannot end and start on the same day.
  • You will need to change either the start or end date or the courses.


If Johnny was in course J01234/2 until 09/07, but his schedule shows him starting J01234/1 on 09/06, you will not be able to link these courses because Johnny was not enrolled in both courses at the same time.

If Johnny started J01234/1 on 09/06, the End Date for J01234/2 will need to be changed to 09/05.

If Johnny started J01234/1 on 09/07 then the Start Date for J01234/1 needs to be changed to 09/07.

  • These changes can be made on the linking page. Both the Start Date and End Date are editable fields.
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