Puff Mobile Durby

by: Brianna Duncan

My Car

My Car design is pretty much that same thing as the real life thing. The wheels were made out of lifesavers and the rafters were made out of straws. Originally, we have wheels that were rubble washers but they would stick to the ground so we went with the other plan. The top of the car was made from cardboard and the thing to hold the wheels and the straws together was a stable wheel on each end of the cardboard. The sail was made out of paper and a straw which was the thing that made it move the most.


The challenges of my car was that we had to change the bottom of our car and the wheels because they would not allow the car to move and it would just slide to the side. So, we went with lifesavers and straws which allowed it to move a lot better that it did before we changed the design. The lifesavers allowed us to get faster times and go up to a higher place than the rubber washers and straws.


The changes I would have made is, I would change the body of the car. The body of the car was just cardboard but it still did not work as we planned it would have. The cardboard made the car lower to the ground than we thought it would have but we would need to find something not as heavy. I would have also changed to sail. The sail looked a little too big for our car but it was the thing that caught the wind and made it move.


The strategies that we would have used is to not freak out so much about winning that race. If we would have taken our time, the car would have moved faster and smoother than it did in the race. Everyone was trying their hardest to win the race so they would blow harder and it would just go out of control

New Car

For a new car, I would change the sail, wheels, and the body of the car. All of that makes the car move and are the most important things to that kind of car. I would use a smaller piece of paper for the sail because the bigger the sail, the harder it is to make it go in a straight line. For the wheels, I would do more research to kind what kind of wheels would be at home and be easier for the car to move faster. the body of the car would not just be carboard because that was the thing that made it heavier. I would not have a heavy body for the car and find a lighter and smaller material.


My prediction was the car will roll because of the wind and lifesavers. It will take around 30 sec. to go 5m. My prediction was not supported because the car only took around 17.4 sec. to make 5m manageable. The I didn't realize that a car could do that fast because of the wind you are blowing on to the car.


The speed of my trails were way different from my race day trials because race day was much easier that trials because we knew how to do it better the second time than the first time. The trails total was 60.4 sec. The race day trials were 17.4 sec. It was such a big difference because we knew how to do it better the second time