The Jackass Penguin

By: Alejandro Cadena Ortiz and Miguel Valenzuela Eloy Orduno

The Jackass Penguin

The Jackass penguin is a type of penguin that is very interesting. It got its name because of its donkeys bray. But it is also known as the Black Footed penguin. It is called that because of its feet.

The Fight

Jackass penguins holds on the other penguins beak. You can actually hear their slap it sound like someone tap dancing. They yell when they and curse at each other. They do this to play with each other or to see who is the tufest.

Its Habitat

The jackass penguin lives in the waters in Africa. That is where they fight. People have went over there to visit and thought that it is very nice and peaceful. It is very beautiful in the sunset.

Its diet

The jackass penguin eats fish, and squid. if it is very hungry than it well get a big squid. If it is not that hungry and it gets a huge squid then it well safe some food for its family or for the whole group of birds. But the jackass penguin usually safe it for later.
African Penguin Fight