Heather Shearman

By Griffin Post

Who stands at only 4 foot 6? Who is faster than the speed of light? Superwoman? No! This is the story of the nice,happy,excited,energetic, and smart, Heather Shearman!

Early Life

As a kid, Heather Shearman went to Hawaii. When she was 3, She used to stack spices, so they were taller than her. Like most kids, Heather used to color on her hands.
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Growing up, Heather Shearman became known for being good at soccer,gymnastics,and being a good friend. Heather has 2 moms and 2 dads. She has no siblings, which makes her an only child.

Heather and her Dogs

She was born March 29, 2004, and today, She is located in North Mankato, Minnesota. she has 2 dogs(Cinnamon(63) and Copper(7)). Copper can swim, but Cinnamon can't. Copper is a springer spaniel, and Cinnamon is an australian sheppard. They're 2 amazing dogs
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To sum up the story, Heather is a kind person. She's also very sporty. But, most of all, she is a smart, happy, and nice friend.