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January 11, 2019

Welcome Back!

We hope everyone had a great Christmas break! It is exciting to get the new year started with lots of new faces, both faculty and students.

Recently, I was reading a book about what St. Augustine had to say about prayer. And I offer this quote:

"Consequently, when we speak to God in prayer for mercy, we do not separate the Son from him; and when the body of the Son prays it does not separate itself from the head. It is the one Savior of his body, our Lord Jesus Christ, who prays both for us and in us, and is prayed to by us. He prays for us as our priest; he prays in us as our head; he is prayed to by us as our God. Let us, then, acknowledge our words in him, and his words in us...He is prayed to in the form of God; he prays in the form of a servant. In the first case he is the Creator; in the latter he is "created," the unchanging assuming the form of a creature that the creature may be changed, and so making us with himself, one man, head, and body...Be unwilling to say anything without him, and he will say nothing without you."

Let me highlight the last of this. "Be unwilling to say anything without him, and he will say nothing without you." What an amazingly simple but deeply complex thought! Not only in prayer do we speak through Christ! We all should remember that.

In this new year we will start increasing prayer times throughout the school. We ask that at anytime you hear prayer over the speakers, please pause what you are doing and where you are at and join us. As adults, we need to be examples to the students. If we pray they pray.

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Please note important date change!

Due to several field trips taking place next week, the awards assembly scheduled for January 16th has changed to January 23rd.

Social Media and Bullying


We have been getting reports this week of students bullying each other over various forms of social media. Mostly, it has been over Snapchat but another app called Ticktock, which is a music app, but with the ability to chat.

If your student has a cell phone, please be conscience of what apps they are using and how they are using them. As we all know, bullying is unacceptable, and we must work together to stop it. Students are not allowed to have cell phones with them during school hours (they are put in the office) so the messages are being sent outside of school. To help stop what is going on, requires your assistance. Please check your students phones and observe how they are using them.

Think your student is the best free-throw shooter? Check out what the Knights of Columbus is doing at Santo Nino!

Download the Free-Throw entry form below.

Did someone say a movie?

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Box Tops!

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Lunch Balances

Happy New Year to All,

FYI: Families are still not able to see balances on their financial accounts. We are half way thru the school year and it is very important that all accounts be brought current before next years registration. Call or email me for balances or to make arrangements for payment if all your accounts are not on FACTS. Thank you

Maida Esquibel (


Choir at Cristo Rey

Santo Nino's Choir will be at Cristo Rey this Sunday at the 10am mass. Hope to see everyone there!

Tardies and Dress Code

Parents, please remember that if your student is tardy it disrupts the learning environment for all students in the class. We understand that things happen from time to time and you may be running late, but we are starting to see it more and more. Please make sure your student is on time to school.

We are still seeing many students out of dress code both during the week and at mass. At this age, it is the parents responsibility to make sure the student is dressed properly. We are working on a new policy to help ensure students are in proper dress code attire.

School menus can be found at the links below

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Catholic schools week is coming soon! There will be themes and activities every day that week. More information is coming soon!