Ms. Lutes US History Class

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Welcome Students!

Hello everyone and welcome!

My name is Kathryn Lutes and I am very excited to be teaching both US History and World History to the freshman and sophomore classes in Bloomington this year!

Please feel free to explore my website! Included in my teacher website is a monthly calendar of events and what homework will be due on certain nights. There are also links to some fun activities that we will be participating in and some really nice helpful links to help out with the assigned homework! So make sure you take a look!

Many people like to say that "history is in the past", but what they don't realize is that history is made everyday!

For as long as I can remember I have a had a passion for history and when I was in high school I made the decision to go to college to become a teacher! I had the best experiences with my high school history teachers and I want you to be able to experience history as an exciting and adventurous subject! I have dedicated my time to make learning about history a fun and exciting time!

In this course we will be taking field trips to the Indiana State Museum and the Monroe County Historical Museum! We will be able to immerse ourselves in the trenches that our soldiers stood in during World War I by recreating the environment that they endured. We will be reading old letters from soldiers and incorporating them in our studies.

We will also be integrating new forms of technology! We will be using IPads to conduct research and there will also be a very helpful chat room for all of my students to be able to ask each other questions!

As I said I am very excited to be teaching all of you this year and I cannot wait to get started!

Ms. Lutes

If you need cannot get a hold of me and wish
to please feel free to contact me!

Bloomington High School South
1965 S Walnut St
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