Lever, Wheel & Axle , Pulley , Screw , Incline Plane & Wedge

Wheel & Axle

A wheel & axle is a small cylinder that is joined to a large cylinder wheel. It is used to move heavy loads usually across the grounds.


A pulley makes work easier by changing the direction of the force.

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Inclined plane that is coiled around a shaft .Converts rational motion into linear motion.

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Lever is a rigid bar around a fixed point is called fulcrum use effort to make the load move. There are 3 types o lever . Class 1 - Between load & effort. Class 2 Fulcrum one end & one at the other end. Class 3 - Effort in the middle .


Two included planes sandwiched together changes the force from moving downwards to moving outwards.

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Inclined Plane

Simply titled surface .The steeper the slope the more effort it take to pull/push something up.