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September 8, 2015

Parent/Teacher Conference Week: October 5-9

It’s that time of year to schedule Parent/Teacher Conferences to discuss your child’s progress and to set academic goals for this school year. It is mandatory that I meet with each parent to discuss their child’s academic progress and goals for the year. Each Conference will be about 15 minutes in length.

I am looking forward to meeting with you so that we can better ensure your child’s academic progress. Please let me know if you will need a translator, so that I can accommodate.

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This week, we will officially begin homework. Each night, your child should read for a minimum of twenty minutes, fill out their reading log, and write a summary in their composition book which has been provided for them. Last week, we practiced writing summaries in class, so they should have an idea of what to do. Once they have finished a book then they need to do a R-E-A-D-O activity. By Friday, each child is expected to have completed at least one R-E-A-D-O activity. Students have been told to take their time and to put thought into each activity because sloppy or rushed work will not be accepted!

Starting September 14, students will begin having math homework on Mondays. They are expected to solve the problem using UPSL (click UPSL for an example and here is a video on it). It is a problem solving strategy that will help them think through the problem. Students will also be expected to explain how they got their answer by answer the following questions:

1. What are you trying to find out

2. How did you solve it?

3. What were your results?

4. How did you know you were right?

At the bottom of the UPSL link there is an example of what is expected of them. Students have been practicing using UPS since the first day of school and many of them used it in other grades.

On days that your student doesn’t have math homework, please practice addition and subtraction facts with your child. This will help your child become fluent in math.

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What We Are Learning!

Reading- For the next two weeks, we will be discussing the difference between fiction and nonfiction. We will also exploring nonfiction text features. Each week, we read a poem and discuss the poetic structures of the poem.

Math- We will review how to write numbers in standard form, word form, and expanded form and place value. Next week, we will learn how to multiply by making arrays (this should of been a review from second grade). We will use this information to learn how to write numbers in expanded notation. The following week, we will compare and begin rounding numbers.

Here is a place value chart to help them with their work.

These are games we play at school, but you can play with your kid at home. Ask them how to play them:

Writing- How to write a good narrative! Students have been writing about what they did over summer break.

Social Studies- Students are learning about the importance of the Bill of Rights, Declaration of Independence and Constitution. For the six week assessment, students will be expected to explain the purpose of each of these. Please help your child to memorize it.

Science- We are using the scientific method to explore the states of matter. Students will discover how the states of matter can change by adding heat or cooling them off.

Tools for Learning Math Facts

Online Math Fluency Games (learning their addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division facts)

Addition Games

Subtraction Games

Online Flash Cards

Apps your child can use to help with Math Fluency (learning their addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division facts)

· Operation Math (iOS - $2.99, Android - $1.99)

· Sushi Monster (iOS - Free)

· Quick Math - Arithmetic & Times Tables (iOS - $1.99)

· Pet Bingo by Duck Duck Moose (iOS - $1.99, Android - $1.99)

· Meerkat Math HD (iOS - $1.99)

· Math Flash Cards * (iOS - Free)

· 10monkeys Multiplication (iOS - $1.99, Android - Free)

· Math Monsters - Bingo (iOS - Free)

· Math Vs Zombies (iOS - $4.99, Android - Free)

· YodelOh Math Mountain (iOS - $2.99, Android - $1.99)


I love to celebrate birthdays! However, I am asking that parents give 24 hour notice prior to sending in treats with their students. Thank you for understanding!

Paloma Creek Newsletter

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Important Dates

9/11- Moment of Silence in Remembrance of 9/11; wear red, white, and blue!

9/11- Grandparent's Day

9/15- PTA General Meeting 7:00-8:00 PM (Cafeteria)

9/17- Constitution Day

10/5- Parent Conference Week/Early Release at 12:50

10/12- Teacher Workday/Student Holiday

10/16- Fall Fling/Curriculum Night 5:30-7:30 PM

10/26- Red Ribbon Week

10/27- Picture Day

12/1- Picture make-up day

12/4- Tree Lighting/Choir Performance on the Square