Bullets & Ballots


First Things First

This simulation took place within 'Guatemala'. The country's power started off as a generic government; the power was in held within the Army & Wealthy, the Government had a small amount of power, the Guerrillas had more power than the Government, and the Peasants had absolutely no power. This itself could have been in any country, but let's just say it was Guatemala. Many actions took place within the four months; lots of conflict, alliances, and several shifts in power. Now go ahead and click some of the links below to learn more about my experience in the game!

Click the link above to learn about the groups involved with the simulation, who held the power, and when that changed! Shifts in power can be common, especially in an unstable establishment. But there is no such thing as a completely stable country because you can't make everyone happy. As long as any rebellions and conflicts are under control it's safe to say your country is stable, but even then a shift in power just may occur!

Go on and click Peace & War, you'll learn about the conflicts, cooperation, alliances and takeovers that occurred throughout the game! I've found that conflicts are virtually inevitable, but keeping them under control isn't. If you have a good grip on your country (and strong allies like the most powerful nation in the world) conflicts shouldn't go farther than slight disputes. But if you don't have everything under occur, it could result in war.

America plays a role in virtually every thing that occurs in the world considering it has world power. Whether it's settling a dispute between two other countries, proposing treaties, holding negotiations, sending aid or following through with sanctions, the United States always steps in on something in their best interest; thats the American thing to do. Click on America's Role to learn more about my group's place in the game!

No matter what, if power shifts in a country theres going to be effects as a result of the change. There will always be one group that isn't happy with the shift, whether they were content with the previous leader, or they don't like the new government, not everone will be satisfied. Click the title above to read more about what happens when a country's power shifts!

Cooperation and conflict occurs everywhere in the world! You can apply this theme to anything in the world, personal experiences and world experiences! Click about to see how I apply this information to my life!