Gay Adoption

Should Gay and Lesbians be able to adopt?

Miranda Saucedo

Gay adoption should be legalized because homo-sexual and hetero-sexual people should all have equal rights to the same things because we are all human and deserve the same respect.

Its not fair that straight people can adopt and gays can't. If we were really free gays would have to same opportunities as straights. Reasons being that gays/lesbians should have the right to adopt because we say we are the land of the free but, how are we "free" when all the people don't have equal rights. In the Star Spangle Banner one of the lyrics say "O'er the land of the free..." But if we don't have the same rights, are we really free?

what are the effects of having same sex parents?

"Recent actions by Utah, one of the most conservative states, illustrate how much has changed. Shortly after the marriage ruling, the state began placing children with same-sex couples. Those children included the infant girl placed in August with Rebecca A. Peirce, 34, and April M. Hoagland, 38, who live in Price, southeast of Salt Lake City, with Ms. Peirce's two biological children.

After Judge Johansen, of Juvenile Court in Price, issued an order on Tuesday that the baby be taken from them by next Tuesday and given to a heterosexual couple, the state Division of Child and Family Services joined the two women in filing motions asking him to reconsider. And Gov. Gary R. Herbert weighed in, saying on Thursday that he was "a little puzzled" by the judge's action. "He may not like the law," Mr. Herbert said, "but he should follow the law." Says Richard Perez-Pena

Having your adopted child took from you is not okay. I think that if the baby is not harmed then they should be okay living with gays or lesbians. If the child was older like 5(+) they should be able to choose who they want to live with. Gay and lesbians should be treated the same as straight people.

Why do people think gay and lesbians can't adopt?

A research study conducted by Tamar Lewin found "The study found that the children of homosexual parents are no worse off than the children of heterosexual parents in terms of their emotional and physical health, and in some cases are even "healthier and happier" than their peers."

In my opinion, i do think this quote is kinda true because, some hetero-sexual parents aren't opened minded about there kids being LGBT ( Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) and may tell them that they are going to hell if you love the same sex. The child might feel belittled by what they are and start going through depression. Unlike same sex parents they are more open minded about this situation and understand the child more because they know what it's like.