From the Odyssey By: Homer

First Quality

The first quality about Odysseus is his courage and cunningness. Odysseus had many courageous moments, but the one that stood out to me is when, Odysseus told the giant Cyclops that his "name is nobody" so his friends thought that "Nobody is trying to kill [me] through violence and treachery" with the sharp stick in his eye.

Second Quality

The second quality about Odysseus's, is his instinct and to always be prepared. Because "[he] filled a large goatskin with wine , and took it along, with some food in a bag because [his] instincts told [him] that the giant would come at [him] quickly,". Odysseus knew that the Cyclops would do something terrible to him and he knew that he would need to be prepared.

Third Quality

The third quality about Odysseus is his encouragement. He and his men were about to thrust a giant stick into the giants eye to blind him, i would be scared too! But Odysseus was brave and "inspired [his] men with encourageing words.

By: Bailey Smith