January 29th Newsletter

News from the Kindergarten Class


Community Helpers Week

Community Helpers Week will take place February 15th - 19th. We'd love to have parents, aunts, uncles, and grandparents come in to share what they do for a career!

You can fill out the Google Form below if you would like to come in!

Dr. Seuss Read-A-Thon

On Wednesday, March 2nd, our school will be having a read-a-thon in honor of Dr. Seuss' birthday! Please contact me if you would like to participate and we can work out a time!

100th Day - February 4th

To celebrate the 100th day, Kindergartners through 2nd graders are encouraged to dress up like they're 100 years old!

Reading and Writing

In reading, we have continued to read guiding reading books as a class pointing out sight words they know and what strategies they could use to figure out a word if they did not know the word. I introduced "if two vowels are walking, the first one goes a talking" to them. We are going to start working on more long vowel sounds.

In writing, I have started having some of the students use iPads to help with their confidence. They come over with their journals and tell me what they would like to write and I say it into a speech to text app. The kids then can write it down and re-read it to me. So far, this has been a wonderful tool to increase the student's confidence in their writing.


The kids are doing great with subtraction! We will continue to work on this and review addition as well.


On Monday, the kids brainstormed everything they could do with snow. They found out that each snowflake has a unique design. They made snowflakes out of coffee filters that are now decorating our classroom door!

On Tuesday, they got a chance to catch snowflakes as they were falling with black pieces of paper. The contrast helped show them the different shapes and designs each snowflake had. We also read the book Snow Day, which was somewhat fitting seeing that we had a two hour delay. They drew a picture of what they would do if they had a snow day.

We read Sneezy the Snowman this week. Then, they were able to create their very own snowman or snowwoman. Some of them are very creative.

Checking out the snowflakes

Upcoming Dates

January 30th - Scholastic Book Orders Due

February 4th - 100th Day of School

February 12th - Valentine's Day Party

February 25th - Early Release @ 1 PM

February 25th - Parent/Teacher Conferences @ 1:30 - 5:30

February 26th - NO SCHOOL

Next Week

  • Dinosaurs
  • Letter: Jj
  • Sight Words: good, it