Infuse Technology in Your Classroom


Infuse Learning

Is it a race?”

“Who got the answer first?”

“Yes! We got it!”

The technology tools embedded in Ms. Lowden’s Social Studies classroom serve as powerful motivators in her classroom. A lesson on the Middle Ages is brought to life using a free student response system called Infuse Learning. Based on a previous reading assignment, students are asked an open ended response question – just one of the different types of questions that can be asked. Pairs of students collaborate and then type their answers which can then immediately be seen and acknowledged by the teacher. As the lesson continues, students are asked a variety of question types including multiple choice, sorting, Likert Scale and even a drawing response. Students are actively engaged in learning the content and the teacher receives instant feedback as to which students, if any are not grasping the content.

Effective technology integration supports four key components of learning: active engagement, participation in groups, frequent interaction and feedback, and connection to real-world experts. Infuse Learning is an easy and effective way to bring all of this into your classroom.

Teachers can create online quizzes prior to class or ask questions spontaneously. Infuse Learning can be used with multiple devises including ipads, android devices laptops or desktops. Students just need to enter their name and your classroom code to join your virtual class room. Visit to open your classroom.

Create Digital Flyers with

Quickly and easily create digital flyers that you can print, email or share online by posting to your schoolwires webpage. Use the templates that are provided online and easily modify them. Embed pictures, videos, links, buttons, galleries, music and more. S’more can be used to create flyers that promote Pretzel Day, Pajama Day and other various fundraisers and projects that are done throughout the district.

Wow your students with PowToon

Are you looking for new ways to grasp your student’s attention? Create your own animated cartoons. Teachers can register for a free account and use the many free templates. Powtoons can be used to deliver content to your students or introduce new projects. Once the powtoon is created it can be saved and uploaded into PowerPoint presentations, Schoolwires webpages or Youtube.

Ultimate Field Trip

Join the Conversation

Have you considered a professional twitter account? Use Twitter to follow other educators. #njed chat is every Tuesday at 8:30. This hour long chat has a moderator and set questions which you can respond to or just "listen" to the conversation. #mschat is for Middle School teachers and takes place every Thursday at 8. View the links below for a list of education hash tags and weekly twitter chat times.