Earthquake Hits Sydney

2nd, January 2019, Daily Telegraph

Reporter: Jordan Onley

A mega earthquake hit Sydney, but the question everybody's asking is: where did it come from?
As we should all know, Australia is on a tectonic plate which makes it impossible to have and earthquake, but on the 30th of December, 2018 the whole of Sydney shook. The earthquake was measured to be 11.3 on the Richter Scale which somewhat makes it the world's deadliest earthquake, now I wish i could say this turned out well but i can't. This earthquake wiped out more that 65 percent of the city.

Before the Earthquake

Jordan's story...

I was playing "Hide and Seek" with my son Nathan, suddenly my son screamed and I ran to him and checked whats up. He told me that trees where swaying and that building where falling, that's when I felt the violent shaking in the ground.

During the Earthquake

Me and my son hid in the basement locked in our safe room. The room was sound proof so we felt somewhat safer, I turned on the TV in there to see what was going on. Of course the signal was horrible but I was able to make out what the lady on the news said, "Total Apocalypse Warning: Sydney is experiencing an Earthquake. Please stay indoors and insure nothing can fall on you.

After the Shake

Into The Wasteland

Me and Nathan exited out of the Safe room after the earthquake, we went upstairs and looked outside. "Goodbye, Sydney" our neighbour said. Our house was destroyed, there was no way to a food source, I had money but no supermarkets would of been open. So I left the house to salvage food. Sydney was (and still is) in an unrepairable state, the iconic locations like the Sydney harbour bridge, Luna Park, and the Opera House are destroyed as well as homes, apartments, and roads.

Direct Quotes:

"Sydney has been destroyed, 3 Million lives lost. Rest in Peace to all." Current PM

"I am very sorry about the lives lost, and homes lost. I have donated 500 thousand. Please use the money wisely." Donald Trump.

"God bless everybody involved in the earthquake." Mother Marry

Jordan Onley

Jordan is a great reporter, he shares humour and is a very smart man. Hes son is also blessed and is talented. It was a pleasure to work with him.