Monday Memo


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Staff Cell Phones

Due to a huge cut in Erate funding for data and text messages, we will be terminating our contract with Verizon effective January 14th. Please return all cell phones and chargers to Meghan no later than Thursday Jan. 14, 2015. Cox will be installing VoIP lines in each classroom and the separate departments. As soon as we have contact numbers, we encourage teachers to send them home with students.

PTO Black Out Date

Please be mindful of when you make requests for time off. We've a had a lot of teachers request off with short notices and Meghan has be unable to request substitutes. This causes us to have to ask a teacher's assistant to fill in until a replacement is available. This especially true around holidays. Meghan has cut off PTO requests for Thursday and Friday of this week. If you have not already been accounted for please do not put in a request. At this point, if a staff member will need to take a day your class will be divided amongst your team members.

No After School Program

This week there is no after school program. This means that dismissal may take a little bit longer. Please make sure your students know how they are getting home.

Recess Duty

Teachers, it is extremely important that your are actively aware of your students while they are on they playground. We've seen an increased number of injuries, bullying, and displaced students during recess. Remember our number one priority is to keep our student safe.

Yearbook Pre-Sale

This is the last week of yearbook pre-sale. Our goal for the year is to sell 200 yearbooks, and so far we have sold about 90. Please encourage your kids to buy one this week! Would love to reach 100 by Friday. Also, don't forget that the faculty price for yearbooks is $15. Get them while there are still enough!

Thanks for your continued support!


Holiday Jeans Schedule

In celebration of the holidays, we are having a week long jeans day with holiday apparel. The schedule is as follows:

Monday- Jeans Day!

Tuesday- Jeans with Christmas or Winter Colors

Wednesday- Jeans with Santa or Elf Hat

Thursday- Jeans with Scarf (it's supposed to be in the 60 degrees)

Friday - Jeans with an ugly Christmas sweater competition. - Come with your Ugliest sweater. The office staff will vote and the winner will be announced after dismissal. The winner will also receive a special prize.