Class Updates

by Mrs. Gaal & Ms. Marrion

In this week's Friday envelope:

-Copy of your child's favorite daily map

-Rollercoaster poem/story

-Spanish update


We are beginning to wrap up our study of global issues. Earlier in the week, students watched a TED video called, “Why Not Eat Insects.” Not only was it an example of a persuasive speech, the speaker laid out some reasons why insects help our economy and environment now and in the future, especially given the current population growth. Students also analyzed our last two maps called, “Readers Around the World,” and “Global Happiness Rankings.” I have asked students to print out a copy of their favorite map and share it with you in their folders this week.

Students also participated in two activities this week: a simulation called “Can You Beat the System?” and a fishbowl discussion on some essential questions from our unit. The simulation represented some of the real life struggles that some farmers face around the world when they go up against big companies, and events out of their control such as droughts and land grabs. The fishbowl discussion revolved around our study of globalization, change, and the distribution of resources. Students were assessed on the quality of their contributions and will receive their notes and rubrics back next week. Overall, I was very impressed with their ability to use evidence from a variety of sources to support what they were saying, as well as their ability to reference what their peers previously said in their remarks.

Coming up: Students will be working next week in class towards finishing their graphic novels, due Thursday, April 30th. The following week, we will also start reading The Giver. Please make sure you locate a copy of the book and have your child bring it to class every day starting Monday, May 4th.



· This week we began working with division of decimals. A long-range homework assignment, providing extra practice with this skill, was assigned on Wednesday and is due this Monday, April 27. Please check with your child to make sure that they have completed this work.

· Next week we will continue our work with division of decimals and will introduce sales tax, tips and discounts.



Friday morning students worked collaboratively in small groups to design and buy materials to construct a safe encasing for a raw egg. By 11 AM all inventions had to be complete. Each creation was dropped from 4 levels, as low as from a desk to as high as the 4th floor. Most everyone survived the first drop, but the excitement arose as each group moved to the 4th floor. Which groups survived the fourth floor drop? Ask your child to share this exciting event.