The great state of FLorida

Captiva, Florida

Planning a vacation or get- away...

Longing for tropical attitude...

Seeking the perfect family resort...

Then... You will be captivated by beautiful, alluring Captiva Island.

Things to do... What is there not to do!

Some fun activities for the family to do that are nice and relaxing, are hanging out by the beach, seashell picking. We are known all over the world for one of the biggest seashell drop offs. You can go deep sea fishing, or just fish on the sand. Para sailing is a big adventure. There are all kinds of shops to shop around, the boys can venture off and do one thing while the girls can venture and shop. Are ya hungry? Don't you worry, we are all booked up with different indulgent of foods for you to eat and choose. Nothing says come back and visit like food. This is a pet friendly area. No need to leave your pet at home! Bring the WHOLE FAM!


Captiva has a assortment of accommodations, beachfront, waterfront, motels, condos, cottages, bed and breakfasts, private owners homes for rent. Come relax, have fun and enjoy the party!

What you need-

You need your swimsuit

beach towel

flip flops

bathroom supplies

a good attitude

not your passport

Don't forget cash!

a big smile

and be ready to have fun!

Florida Reef is a beautiful reef!

If you want to see the underwater world come alive.... go snorkeling at the underwater reef! Have fun and see the rainbow of fish and coral! I promise it is something you will always remember!