The immortal Jellyfish

It has unlocked the mystery of life!

It's so RADICAL!!! YOLOJKILF. _ (You Only Live Once,Just Kidding It Lives Forever!!!!!!!!!)

If scientists are correct, jellyfish may hold the key to immortality.

That's the premise of a New York Times Magazine article that examines a species of jellyfish (appropriately) nicknamed the "immortal jellyfish."

Known officially as Turritopsis nutricula (and sometimes as Turritopsis dohrnii), the minute creature has the ability to transform its cells back into a youthful state. As National Geographic puts it, the jellyfish transforms "into a blob-like cyst" that grows into a polyp colony -- the first stage of life.

From there, the jellyfish continues a conventional lifecycle, maturing and mating. Instead of dying, however, the immortal jelly reverts, time and again, back into the polyp colony. That ability "allows the jellyfish to bypass death, rendering [it] biologically immortal," notes Hongbao Ma, a researcher at Brookdale University Hospital and Medical Center in Brooklyn, N.Y.

Essentially, the creature absorbs its cells, then transforms them into cells of any other type.

With life skills this advanced, it's no surprise the jellyfish has populated the globe inwhat's been termed "a worldwide silent invasion," the Telegraph notes.

Can humans learn a thing or two from these jellyfish? We still donot know.

How it does the thing!

Stage 1: it grows up like a normal jelly fish.

Stage 2: When something dramatic happens , lets say its about to die from starvation, or old age.

Stage 3: It kills it self then turns back into a blob like cyst which is the baby stage.

Some pics and angles!

Can this unlock the key to immortality? Yes

Frequently asked questions

Can it do this forever? Answer: Of course

If something destroyed it can it be put back to life? Answer: NO!

Where does it live? Answer: simply the ocean

What is its predator? Answer: Turtles and other sea creatures.

Don't look at this