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February Newsletter

Hello High Mount Friends and Family!

As a district, High Mount School is proud to take part in the celebration of Black History Month. As a school, we will be learning about the many important African American influencers and contributors that continue to move our society forward. Each classroom has chosen to research and promote a prominent figure in black history and create a project to showcase to other classrooms. Students will then be invited throughout the month to take a walk throughout our school and learn from other's research.

We would like to thank Mr. Grey, our long term Art sub, for creating some posters that we will be displaying throughout our school, including the poster below!

Mrs. Becherer

HMS Principal

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What's Happening in Our Building 🏫

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Memorial Foundation supports High Mount School to help build healthy vibrant communities.

10 Stars Challenge

We are excited to bring off campus field trips to our students, once their grade level completes their 10 star challenge. 4th and 5th grade students were our first group to head to Urban Air to celebrate their success after completing their goal. 4th grade students worked on lining up and walking quietly in the hallway, while 5th grade students needed to be prepared for every class throughout their day.

Kindergarten and 1st grade students will be heading to Urban Air the second week of February after completing their goal of cafeteria manners and standing in a line quietly at the end of the lunch time. 3rd grade has completed their challenge of "Can Do Attitude" and 2nd grade is hoping to complete their "Can Do Attitude" stars in the next week. They will also be heading to Urban Air at the end of next week.

6th through 8th graders are also still working towards their goal of being prepared for each class throughout their day! Our Jr. High students are voting where to head for their off campus field trip after they complete their challenge. They have the choice between Urban Air, Skyzone, or The Edge! Each student will vote for their top choice and we will see which one wins!!

We would like to thank Memorial Hospital Foundation for making these field trips possible and allowing our students to work hard towards a goal and celebrate their success as a team!

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Preschool Screening

High Mount will have their next round of Preschool Screenings on February 9th. If you would like your child screened to see if they are eligible for our preschool program, please use the following link to sign up your child.

**Signing up does not confirm enrollment in the program, but ensures that a teacher will reach out with more information**

Preschool Screening Form

Newsletter from Chestnut Health Systems

This is the fifth newsletter that talks about how parents should make sure to speak and set rules with their children about not drinking alcohol. It is a good reminder that it is important to keep in touch with your children and make sure they are making responsible decisions.
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A Note of Gratitude

Please take a moment to share anything about something or someone you and and your family are grateful for at High Mount School.

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Notes from Nurse Winchester

  • Viral season is here! I am seeing a lot of kiddos with fevers and upper respiratory symptoms. If your child is sent home or kept home sick and you decide to take them for evaluation, you are encouraged to let school know if they test positive for any illnesses (i.e. influenza A or B, COVID-19, strep throat, etc.) in order to track specific illness outbreak.

  • As a reminder, if your student has a fever, they must be fever-free for 24 hours (without medication) prior to returning to school. This also applies to vomiting and diarrhea; student must be symptom-free for 24 hours prior to returning to school.

  • HMS is currently recommending testing for both students and staff with COVID-like symptoms. If someone tests positive (staff or kids), they should stay home for 5 days after symptom onset or positive test date. On days 6-10, kids and staff are recommended to mask up.

February Breakfast/Lunch Menu

Student breakfast rates = $1.90 ($.30 free and reduced), Student lunch rates = $2.85 ($.40 free and reduced), Student milk rate = $.80.

ATTENTION ALL 5th-8th Grade Families!

Here are the links so that families can check the spreadsheet as well! The link will stay the same...just check down at the bottom to make sure you are on the correct week's tab!

5th & 6th Grade Homework Spreadsheet

7th & 8th Grade Homework Spreadsheet

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