Queen Isabella & King Ferdinand

Known as the Catholic Monarchs


Queen Isabella-

* Soon after Isabella was born her mother became very depressed and locked herself in a dark room in the Castile

*When Isabella was three here Father, John ll of Castile, died

King Ferdinand-

* Ferdinand was always eager to learn, poetry lectures and stories served as his murals and religous princibles


* Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand are among the most famous and most significant rulers of Spain

* They molded Spain into a unified and altered the nation

* At the age of 12, Prince Ferdinand, led royal forces in battle against the enemy's of his father and won

* Prince Ferdinand became King of Aragon in 1479

* Princess Isabella became Queen of Castile in 1474

Interesting Facts

* Ferdinand was taught to read and write at a very young age

* King Ferdinand`s father had to have frequent warfare to keep peace on his land

* Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand were Complacently devoted to being Catholics, so they felt like they had to get rid of anyone who was not Catholic or at least get them to convert

Impact on today

* In 1483 royal council switched Spain to direct Spanish Inquisition

* Queen Isabella supported Christopher Columbus on his voyage to the united states, If Queen Isabella didn't help Christopher Columbus, with things such as Money he may have not had Discover the united states

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