5 Things to Remember

When using Social Media in instructional Activities

Social media provides a way to break down those usual four walls of a classroom to bring a larger, global perspective for the students."- Kathy Cook

1. Respect Copyright Laws

The internet is not a public domain. It is important to stay up to date with copyright laws. It is also important to teach students the laws of copyrighting.

2. Teach Responsibility

Many students don't realize the life long commitment of clicking the "send" button. Teaching the importance of technology responsibility can nip any future problems students may have.

3. Research Social Media Platforms

While there are many options out there, each one has different advantages and disadvantages. While Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are common known platforms for enhancing communication and student activity, there are other options that provide a more controlled environment.

4. Asses the Learning Environment

Examining the classroom can provide teachers the information needed determine which social media tool will be most successful with their students.

5. Evaluate Progress

Evaluating progress with social media is a great way to see if the social media chosen is meeting the class needs.